Wind Power


OEBERGS has played a leading role in the development of a large number of wind power projects in the Nordic countries. We have assisted in Greenfield projects amounting to more than 938 MW of installed capacity in Sweden alone. This amounts to more than 25.5 % of the total installed wind power energy in Sweden 2012.

In addition, OEBERGS was the co-founder of and advisor to ARISE - one of two companies listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, as well as the co-founder of and advisor to VindIn, the wind power generation company of the Swedish heavy industry (mining, paper and pulp, oil and gas, chemical and other industries).



OEBERGS has assisted in the development of hydropower projects in Sweden, Norway, Greenland, the Philippines, Laos, Indonesia, China, Bolivia,Chile, Mozambique and Turkey. We have in-depth knowledge of all phases of hydropower development. 

Oil and Gas

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We have extensive knowledge and experience from Greenfield power projects based on gas. In the past, we have been retained in the process of deregulation and privatization of the Swedish gas transmission industry. 



OEBERGS has first-hand experience in the privatization of regional airports in Sweden. We were retained in the structured privatization of Kallax Airport as well as in the aquisition of Jönköping Airport. 

Roads and Rails


OEBERGS has extensive experience from public-private-partnerships relating to roads. We were engaged in, among other projects, the financing and construction of the A-2 toll motorway in Poland and the A-1 toll motorway in Poland. We have also assisted in the financing of road infrastructure in Zambia. 

Obergs has also been actively engaged in the deregulation of the Swedish rail industry, one of the most deregulated rail industries in the World. One of our lawyers wrote the law. In addition, and for the past decade and more, we have been retained by the only Public Private Partnership in the rail industry of Sweden. Together with our clients, we are reshaping the entire industry.

Solar Power