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An October(gs) tribute to Women's Small Business Month

Pictured: Associate Elisabet Heimer, Partner Anna Öberg and Associate Liselotte Rios

Pictured: Associate Elisabet Heimer, Partner Anna Öberg and Associate Liselotte Rios

As October is recognized as Women’s Small Business Month, and as OEBERGS is a boutique firm featuring some outstandingly talented women in the area of corporate law, we met with Partner Anna Öberg and Associates Liselotte Rios and Elisabet Heimer to discuss their achievements so far, and elaborate on how the business area has changed to make room for their potential.

1. Is this month a cause of celebration for you?
No, we do not identify with the cause. Advokatfirman OEBERGS is most certainly not a "small business". In manpower, maybe, in impact, no. We are proud to be members of one of the most influential corporate law firms in the Nordic countries, and to have taken part in the construction of 1/3 of Sweden's total wind power capacity. This is something we celebrate all year long.

2. What accomplishments are you the proudest of in your roles as litigators and dealmakers at OEBERGS?
We feel honored to have assisted in Google’s recent, large-scale wind power investment in Northern Sweden. This project serves the greater good – for the environment, for the Swedish wind power market, and for the development of rural communities, only to name a few. As this transaction encourages more energy-intensive industries to invest in Swedish wind power, we are anticipative of what’s to come.  

Furthermore, working for the greater good is especially inspiring when the agreements break new records. It’s a good feeling to be the best at making the world better. We are thus also proud to have been a part of a record-breaking agreement in 2017, when APG and Vasa Vind launched the construction of the largest onshore wind farm in Sweden, which satisfies the energy needs for around 50.000 Swedish households per year.    

3. What made you interested in the legal fields of energy and infrastructure – two areas which have until recently been male dominated?
We have always been intrigued by the construction of well-functional societies. It is an inspiring idea to contribute to the fundamental systems on which entire communities rely. Through our work in this legal field, we have a direct impact on the sustainable development of for example healthcare, roads, rails, and transportation, all of which make Sweden a leading country. 

Similarly, it has been inspiring to enter the world of renewable energy right in the era of global energy transition and during an ever-increasing foreign interest in Sweden’s renewable power. The knowledgeable clients we have met with along the way – both men and women – have added to our passion for this area.         

4. Sweden has come far in its promotion of both equality and energy. Your engagement in energy law - where you assist in the construction of renewable energy - is a testament to both. Which of the two developments are you most proud to represent?
It feels odd to choose between the two - we are proud of the Swedish achievements in these two and in many other areas. We are also happy to represent Sweden’s environmental policy, our national healthcare system, and some of the most sustainable cargo systems in the world.

Since we are celebrating this occasion, we may however take the opportunity to acknowledge that it is a joy to work for a company which features 50 % women, to be able to go on maternity leave, and to have a transparent salary system.   

5. As forerunners in the niche area of energy and infrastructure, do you have any advice to the young women - and men – who wish to take on the same career path?
Dare to be curious and bold and dare to try what few have tried before you.

Advokatfirman OEBERGS sends a thank you to the co-workers who participated in the interview. In the fast-paced and complex legal areas of hydropower, wind power, and solar power, we would be nothing without our competent man/womanpower.