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This is not Falcon Heavy but a wind turbine.

This is not Falcon Heavy but a wind turbine.

As SpaceX just launched its rocket Falcon Heavy, Advokatfirman OEBERGS continues its journey in an undiscovered area of business law. 15 years ago, we launched a new specialization in energy and infrastructure, pounded through the mainstream legal fields, and now operate in our own space in the judicial industry. As we travel on, we keep looking for new, aspiring talent ready to join the journey. The following are some advice for future applicants who would like to take part:

 1. Find a specific focus area.
As Advokatfirman OEBERGS works in a highly specialized field, a general interest in energy and infrastructure is valuable. However, of even higher relevance is specialization in a certain industry. All contributions to our sub-fields in windpower, hydro power, solar power, railway, telecom, bridges, roads and airports are useful. Taking on this kind of narrow specialization in one’s career path or education may feel risky, but the subsequent journey is worth the effort.   

2. Make an impact
Energy and infrastructure stand right in the intersection of politics, business, public affairs, academia and civil society. They are constantly debated and sought after, and there are many ways to get involved and to make an impact in these fields, outside the law. Among applicants, Advokatfirman OEBERGS particularly values individuals who have shown their engagement for energy and infratsructure in tangible ways - through for example academic pieces, theses,  books or published articles.

3. Find relevant pathways
As we search the greatest talent, academic background stand out as a good quality indicator. However, it is not exclusive. Familiarity with our legal area from other domains is important too, for example through participation in civil society organizations, branch organizations, or the chamber of commerce. All attempts to see the fields of energy and infrastructure from new perspectives and to branch out to new sectors are highly regarded.

Thus far, it has been an exciting 15-year voyage, and I have been fortunate enough to surround myself with the brightest legal minds in the fields of energy and infrastructure. As Advokatfirman OEBERGS surges onwards - with our office higher up than any other in Stockholm - the question is: where do we go from here? While we think about that, we will do our best to stay on top and to find new talent aiming for the sky.

Björn Öberg
Senior Partner

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