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Jan Stålhandske


Jan Stålhandske

Attorney, Partner

Phone: 0046 869 888 94
Mobile: 46 (0)70 631 21 41

Stockholm University
LL.M., 1982-1987

Swedish: Mother tongue
English: Advanced level, C1

Jan Stålhandske has extensive experience in the field of infrastructure and has been regulating markets such as postal-, rail- and telecom-markets. For 12 years, he has served as a Legal Expert at the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, followed by two years as Chief Legal Officer for the Swedish Railway Agency (Järnvägsstyrelsen) and two years for the National Public Transport Agency (Rikstrafiken). He also has a background as a judge in different courts and was appointed judge of appeal (hovrättsråd i Svea hovrätt) before joining Oebergs in 2011. He specializes in regulatory issues, litigation and arbitration.

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