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OEBERGS represents EnBW Sverige AB in Swedish wind farm acquisition

Energie Baden-Württemberg AG - one of Germany’s largest energy utility companies - is now increasing its investment in Swedish wind power. Through its subsidiary EnBW Sverige AB, and with legal assistance from Advokatfirman OEBERGS, the company has purchased nine wind farms in Sweden, including 51 wind turbines and a total energy capacity of 105 MW.

47 of the turbines were acquired through the purchase Power Wind Partners AB, consisting of three Swedish financial investors. The remaining four turbines were owned by Folksam. Along with the Swedish wind facilities, EnBW also acquired two grid companies. In the transaction, Advokatfirman OEBERGS represented EnBW Sverige AB and Power Wind Partners AB were represented by Advokatfirman Vinge KB.

”OEBERGS welcomes EnBW in its continued advance as a great powerhouse on the Swedish wind power market. We are very proud to be a part of a development where Sweden is becoming a growth market for renewable energy, and we are looking forward to promoting this development further” says Björn Öberg, Senior Partner at Advokatfirman OEBERGS.

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Rebecka Oberg