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OEBERGS represents Ressel Rederi in process against Region Stockholm

On May 13, the Court of Appeal ruled in favor of Ressel Rederi AB in its process against Region Stockholm. The case concerns public procurement of public sea traffic in the Stockholm archipelago.

The process between Region Stockholm and Ressel Rederi has been going on since the public procurement of collective sea traffic in the Stockholm archipelago was completed in 2016. Ressel Rederi AB has claimed that Region Stockholm implemented an unauthorized direct award during the procurement - in violation of the provisions of the LOU. The value of the contract has, according to Ressel Rederi, exceeded the limit that make such direct award possible, and has also stated that there has been no particular urgency to motivate the direct award.

The judgment appeals Region Stockholm to pay damages and legal costs to Ressel Rederi and to bear its own agent costs.

Ressel Rederi AB was represented during the process by lawyer Anna Öberg and lawyer Jan Stålhandske from Advokatfirman OEBERGS.

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