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OEBERGS involved in Google’s wind power investment

In order to guarantee a consistent generation of renewable energy for its new server hall in Hamina, Finland, tech giant Google Inc. has recently made a large-scale investment in Swedish wind power. Included in the investment are two wind farms in Ragunda and Örnsköldsvik in North-Western Sweden, encompassing a total energy capacity of 286 MW.

The Swedish agreements – included in a package that has been labeled “the biggest corporate purchase of renewable energy in history” –  have been signed with Stavro Vind and GE Renewable Energy/Infravia.

Advokatfirman OEBERGS represented the developer of the Stavro Vind wind farm through Senior Parter Björn Öberg and associates Nils Karlsson Green, Liselotte Rios and Elisabet Heimer.

In a comment, Senior Partner Björn Öberg states:
“What we are seeing in the Nordic market is the tailwind of successful public policy. Sweden has for a long time enhanced renewable power and it is only logical that international business is attracted to a country where the infrastructure is strong, the power generation is sustainable, fossil free and reliable and where the workforce is well educated, shares modern values of respect and equality among sexes and embraces foreign investors with open arms. More investments in Sweden can be expected”

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