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APG and Vasa Vind to build Sweden's largest onshore wind power project

Press Release, July 4, 2017

APG and Vasa Vind are launching the construction of the Åskalen onshore wind power project – the largest onshore wind farm in Sweden. OEBERGS is proud to have represented Vasa Vind in the agreement.

The total construction investment will amount to 300 million Euro, and create a total power production of 1TWh/year, which is enough to cover the energy needs for approximately 50.000 Swedish households.

In this way, the project cements Scandinavia’s leading role in wind power production, and represents a major advancement for Sweden in this area. In particular, thanks to Åskdalen’s industrial scale and strong and steady wind resources, the project is expected to become one of the most efficient wind farms in Europe.

”We are extremely satisfied to have been involved in this landmark case. Through this breakthrough in Swedish wind power development, the future is no longer what it used to be. It is better” says OEBERGS senior partner Björn Öberg.