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Wrap-up and key lessons from another successful year

As Advokatfirman OEBERGS is wrapping up and summarizing another business year, and as clients and partners are leaving for summer holiday, we would like to thank all involved parts for another year of great achievements. Incited to meet expectations in the dynamic areas of energy and infrastructure, we have reached new levels in our provision of specialized legal advice.

A highlight to be particularly mentioned is our experience in the wind power market, where we have been operating in an area of ever-increasing demand. This year we have been engaged in a great number of acquisitions and PPAs in Sweden and in Norway and we have witnessed a soaring interest in the two countries’ wind power markets - especially from agents in other European countries and from Asia.

Another highlight this year has been our work for the public sector. In this context we have seen more requests and higher quality demands with regards to contract law. As the public sectors are becoming more knowledgeble procurers, especially in the areas of health and social care, the expectations on legal advisors have increased. This has been advantageous for OEBERGS, whose attorneys possess high expertise in these areas.

In a statement, Senior Partner Björn Öberg expresses his gatitude to all involved agents:
”This has been a fantastic year. I would like to thank our clients for their confidence, and for setting their expectations high. I would also like to particularly thank the clients who gave us positive feedback which allowed for another recognition in Chambers Europe. Finally, I would like to thank my employees for their hard work. This year, experienced co-workers have been complemented with new talent, which means that I have surrounded myself with the best capacity in the industry. With this in mind, I’m going into the new year with a lot of confidence.”

A part of the OEBERGS team, april 2019.